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Tom Clay

Webisode 12: Fight the Bite!
What bite? The mosquito bite! Tom Clay is fighting the spread of the Zika virus by sharing some great information!

Tom Clay Swimming

Webisode 11: Tobacco Usage
Tom Clay takes a light-hearted look at a very serious topic. Let's look at the problems of using tobacco.

Tom Clay Swimming

Webisode 10: Swimming Safety
Tom Clay takes us back to Greenbo Lake for a handy tip that might just save your life if you fall out of your boat.

Tom Clay

Webisode 9: Area Walking Tracks
Tom Clay takes us on a whirlwind tour around the county looking for walking tracks! There are so many places available to help you start moving and feeling better!


Webisode 8: Mushroom Hunting
Tom Clay takes us on another hike in the woods. This time he shows us the wild Morel Mushroom. Where to find it and how to harvest it. We also get an easy recipe for preparing Morel mushrooms!

Tom Clay Inside

Webisode 7: Don't Be Like...
This time, Tom plays on the popular Rob Lowe commercials. Tom compares "Outside Tom" and "Inside Tom".

Tom Clay Winter

Webisode 6: Winter Fun
Tom Clay hits the slopes as we look at the healthy side of sledding. Take some precautions, burn some calories, and have some winter fun!

Tom Clay as Santa

Webisode 5: The Christmas Special
A fun Christmas version of our popular video series about the healthy benefits of outdoor recreation. Tom Clay shares his vast knowledge and personality to help make Greenup County a healthier place.

Tom Clay

Webisode 4: Hiking
Another in our series showing the health benefits of outdoor activities. Once again featuring the talented Tom Clay!

Tom Clay

Webisode 3: Canoeing
Haveing fun can be good for you! Something as enjoyable as canoeing or kayaking can improve your health dramatically.



Tom Clay

Webisode 2: Gardening
This video is loaded with great information and it will tickle your funny bone as well! Growing your own garden is a large step towards a healthier diet.



Tom Clay

Webisode 1: Ginseng
We began with a very popular hobby in the Appalachian area. The response was huge! Our facebook page nearly exploded with the positive feedback!



Country Pond

The Series Promo
This video is where it all began. Tom wanted to set the right mood for the series and we think he hit the nail on the head!



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